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Our Logo is a Promise.

We are Taínos the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean. Principal inhabitants of Cuba, Trinidad, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico. The symbols that make up our logo represent  our identity. It is how we choose to start the conversation. 

Gold Rosa de Bayahibe, the national flower of the Dominican Republic

Pereskia Quisqueyana aka la Rosa de Bayahibe is the national flower of the Dominican Republic.

It is actually a cactus, but one of the few that has leaves. La rosa is endangered due to a loss of habitat but has begun thriving since its uniqueness was recognized.

We chose this flower as the bohio or home for our logo because so often what is right before us, is special. We just need to realize it...

Gold Taino Hurricane Symbol

Agua- Huracán

Huracán is the root word for hurricanes. Its spirals represent the storms that certainly battered our islands in pre- Columbian times.

The symbol was used interchangeably to represent water. Agua is life. Water connects, forms shapes and destroys at will.

At Ojala Threads we honor water sources by using inks that are water based, and white fabric, to avoid toxic dying practices.

Make Agua Yours
Gold Taino Baby Symbol


This symbol can be interpreted as a swaddled newborn or burial preparation.

At both the beginning and the end of life, our rituals provided comfort and connection between generations.

Through this symbol, we honor our indigenous ancestors and their intuitive care- giving.

Make Bebe Yours
Gold Taino Moon Goddess Symbol

Diosa Luna

Diosa Luna is the Taíno goddess representative of the always inspiring moon.

Tainos from modern day Dominican Republic believed that the moon, stars and sun rose from Iguanaboina cave located on the eastern side of the island.

It is our hope that the magic her presence brings is felt by every baby that receives one of our pieces.

Make Diosa Yours
Gold Taino Palm Symbol


La palma is an icon with a lengthy history. It is referenced in holy books and other myths.

A symbol of victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life, it is featured on the Dominican crest.

The palm embodies our goals and wishes for all the babies we dress.

Make Palma Yours

Holiday 2021 Collection

Baby smiling playing inside ball pit wearing a taino moon goddess onesie
Baby sitting in bright pink knitted bean bag chair wearing a taino bat symbol onesie
Baby smiling holding a stuffed animal wearing a taino agua symbol onesie
baby laughing and looking up wearing red white and blue squiggly line onesie
baby claping hands sitting in play room wearing light green chacabana onesie
baby looking to left wearing a taino moon goddess symbol onesie
Infographic describing why you should choose Ojala Threads. From the onesie fit to the range of sizes offered.

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