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Baby. Where we began...

At four months old my nephew Jadiel was diagnosed with meningitis. This inspired me to share with him everything that I had learned about our identity as Dominican, American, Taino, African and European. I began with a simple desire, to make him a baby onesie.

Within a year Jadiel was wearing our first design, Folklorico.

All Things Baby

Books for All!

My favorite books are here to answer questions like "what relationship did Tainos have with the stars?"

This collection of books includes those elders assigned me. Learn our stories, read them, retell them. That was their advice. My advice to you is the same.

We've Got Adults Covered Too

Clothing, and accessories perfect to answer the question "What top would make my outfit Taino, but urban, but 21st century?"

Para Adult~ os

Your purchase supports our "Doing Good in the hood" efforts.

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