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Ojala Threads

Sun God Magnet

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This magnet features Taino Sun God.

Tainos from Hispaniola believed they had originally emerged from the mountain cave called Cacibajagua "Cave of the Jagua". Meanwhile, the sun rises from the cave of Cacique Mautiatibuel (son of the dawn or god of daybreak) at dawn, to which the sun returns when the moon rises. 

In the beginning all of the people were inside the dark cave. Taino people believed they were created as a group, it appears that if they believed in some type of re-incarnation, it was not really focused on individual op’a. Rather, the Taino may have been suggesting that it was possible for a large group of op’a to bring forth a new generation of people, plants, and animals through special processes of creation.

At night, various people came out, but if they were late returning to the cave at dawn, they were "captured" by the sun and transformed into various other forms.

The spirit of the dead or op’a hid from the sunlight by only coming out at night, were known for their ability to change into flora and fauna, and were associated with guava eating bats who lived in caves

The man who served as watchman was turned into stone, some men that had gone fishing were turned into hog plum trees, and one man was turned into a bird that sings in the morning.

Size: 2.84" x 3"

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