Let us help you!

While our Founder supports numerous causes on a pro-bono basis, she is also available for consulting.

Ramona partners with leaders, organizations, and stakeholders committed to change, action, and social justice by:

- Amplifying the priorities set by community-based partners/ clients and ensuring that deliverables lead to long lasting solutions.
- Providing strategic guidance to non profits focused on sustainable development, community resilience and indigenous knowledge preservation and advancement.
- Facilitating conversations that honor mission, and magnify assets.
- Executing special events.
- Developing community engagement campaigns.


- Maximize participation
- Neutralize negative dynamics
- Transform conflict into creative problem solving
- Utilize the most appropriate decision-making process
- Secure the support of key stakeholders
- Develop a process of post-meeting follow through


Please email her at ojalathreads@gmail.com to discuss how she can support your organization. You can also support her work by making donations here or purchasing one of our products!