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  • Within a pandemic, we can find purpose...

    COVID 19 has monopolized our existence. There isn’t a moment that we aren’t bombarded with news surrounding the spread of the disease the toll it...
  • Framed

    My emotions were reflecting my circumstances too strongly the last few days so I built walls around me. The walls aren't dark, or moldy as usually...
  • When gentrification strikes.

    But that is the thing with gentification and gentrification, it makes things murky. It forces long time residents to accept that their neighborhood was overlooked on purpose. It encourages communities that once cleared rubble and made roads to compete with each other. It makes individuals question their abilities, not to succeed but to remain ethical.
  • Where I’m From

    Poem inspired by Mott Haven written by Ramona Ferreyra
  • On children, and what we give them…

    When looking for gifts, and experiences remember that your money talks, louder than you do! Make sure you are supporting brands that uphold your values, and communicate them clearly to the recipient. Always ask yourself what you want to give to your descendants, not just leave behind.