El Camino Bodysuit

El Camino Bodysuit

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"Some use roads, others trains. Some sit in planes that navigate paths created by wind. Imagine if they saw us now. Leaving our lands. Navegando la aduana, and not stars.

Es que cuando la tierra ya no da, people flee, migrate, run...

When you have to protect your legacy, the next generation, you are willing to risk it all. In hopes that the child designed by the universe to occupy this space, este momento, this branch on the family tree, will have a chance.

But chances are tricky for there are ríos que son grandes. Y del desierto ni hables. But there once was a child that was found by the North Star and honored by three kings".

The inspiration behind this design is the current immigration debate in the United States. The role of wise folk has not changed throughout the ages. It is to them that we look to for guidance. For an example... the three kings were that during the times of Jesus. Who are today's wise men and women?

- 100% soft cotton*
- Comfortable envelope neckline
- Three snap leg closure

*This limited edition bodysuit will be offered until Three Kings day, January 6, 2021. Customers will receive the poem and tissue in one package, the bodysuit will arrive separately. This bodysuit is not being printed in NYC.

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Fits Baby Weight (lbs) (lbs) 12-16 16-22 22-27 27-30