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Magnet Set - Ojala Threads
Magnet Set - Ojala Threads
Magnet Set - Ojala Threads
Magnet Set - Ojala Threads

Magnet Set

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Our Taino magnets are now bundled!

Bundle includes:

  • 1 Atabey Magnet
  • 1 Bebe Magnet
  • 1 Diosa Luna Magnet
  • 1 Sol Magnet

Atabey is the fertility deity of the Taino people. She is associated with fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. She is considered to be the mother of the clear spring water, and protector of women in labor. She represents the eternal, invisible, and supreme creator of everything.

In Taino mythology Bebe represents life and death. Within this image we see a nod to our modern day swaddling practices. Tainos carried their babies on their back, the lines represent the ties used to hold them in place. The Taino believed that both the living and the dead had a spirit. For the dead, this spirit was called op’a. One way to tell apart the op’a from the living and that was by looking for the person's navel. The Taino believed the dead have no navels.

To Taino's the Goddess of the Moon comes out of her cave nightly, it lies in the territory of the "cacique" leader, Mautiatibuel. Mautiatibuel is the son of the dawn or god of daybreak. She returns to her cave when the sun comes out. Associated with the Full Moon was summertime, when all life became fruitful. This phase of the Moon naturally became symbolic of motherhood.

Tainos from Hispaniola believed they had originally emerged from the mountain cave called Cacibajagua "Cave of the Jagua". Meanwhile, the sun rises from the cave of Cacique Mautiatibuel (son of the dawn or god of daybreak) at dawn, to which the sun returns when the moon rises.